Hahn iHCP offers an operation that cares and invests the resource in becoming a genuine strategic partner.
With any new brief we ask the question: Why? Understanding the 'why' ensures we can be more effective in shaping the 'how'.
Hahn iHCP have worked across a broad range of therapeutic areas and products from launch to LOE for over 20 years. With experience of many analogues, we can inform our brand strategy: what works and what doesn't in an ever-changing healthcare landscape.


Having received a NSW Innovation Grant, Hahn iHCP worked in partnership with an independent committee of GPs to develop an exciting simulation-based educational experience, simGP. Piloted in partnership with the Australian Medical Association, simGP delivers measureable results at a cost competitive with more traditional formats.
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Medication access programs (PFP and PAP)

There is no such thing as a 'typical' Product Familiarisation or Medication Access program - we understand how to minimise risk, balance data collection with PV requirements, design efficient logistics models, to ensure ultimately that treatment is delivered on time, at the right dose, to the right patient. In conjunction with Hahn Al, we offer a proprietary PFP management system, including custom reporting and data visualisation, to provide real-time updates, to help power your sales activities with actionable insights.
Hahn Healthcare is a Medicines Australia member company - reflecting our commitment to the Code and an assurance for our clients all activities are compliant.

HCP and Patient- support programs

Patient support is an opportunity to shape treatment experience for consumers and assist HCPs increase their access and comfort with prescribing new treatments. As a result, we are increasingly finding ourselves developing HCP-support rather than patient support programs - that focus on ways to educate and support HCPs to improve patient's treatment experience. Whether you're looking to build a nurse team, telephone-based, or on support program, we can design a purpose-built and cost-effective solution.
Hahn iHCP have rigorous PV protocols - you can be confident that the programs we deliver will have a strong focus on safety.

Multidisciplinary medical education

CPD-accreditation is now the price of entry to engaging HCPs seeking credible and balanced education. Beyond simGP we also deliver a range of educational activities directed at pharmacists, nurses, GPs, specialists and allied healthcare providers.
Hahn iHCP is an RACGP-QI & CPD accredited education provider for the 2017-2019 triennium.


Creative is about finding an effective way to make the complex simple, and memorable. Whether the brief requires copywriting, graphic design, illustration, animation, video, audio, print or digital formats, we will design a solution that brings your message to life.

Editorial services

Hahn iHCP offers a full range of in-house editorial services - including advisory board facilitation, peer-reviewed publications, HCP/Consumer education materials, and evidence-based sales resources. Hahn iHCP pride ourselves on meticulous attention to detail and getting the right message to the right audience.