Hahn Healthcare can help identify the best options for licencing and co-promotion partnerships. Australia has a developed, but complex healthcare landscape - identifying how best to maximise your product is not always easy. Working with us will enable you to develop the most suitable solution, from setting up a local affiliate, to finding the perfect promotional partner, while maintaining strategic control. Our goal is to help you maximise your return on investment while minimising risk.

Customer-Facing Personnel

With teams ranging in size and scope we know what it takes to build a high performing group of focused professionals.

From launch to LOE, Hahn Healthcare build a solution that best suits your brand requirements, targeting the right customers via promotion, education, or a direct-selling capacity.

Our project management teams consist of 1st and 2nd line managers, who spend 80% of their time in the field coaching representatives to optimise engagement and achieve the best possible results for your brand.

You can be confident that partnering with Hahn CSO provides best-in-class Sales, Nurse, Pharmacy or Medical teams capable of driving strategy and engagement with your customers.

Primary, Secondary and tertiary coverage

The breadth of talent across our organisation is a core strength. From an energised rookie sales representative through to Medical Science Liasons, Nurse teams, and Virtual Healthcare Teams in our contact centre. We have a proven capacity to identify, develop and retain fit-for-purpose healthcare focused professionals. With extensive experience in pharmacy, general practice, private/public hospitals, and niche specialties, we access HCP's to drive adoption.

face-to-face calls a year

With the largest footprint in Australia, and multiple teams of focused healthcare representatives, Hahn Healthcare have experience implementing your strategy, whilst enhancing your return on investment. Our recruitment, training, onboarding, and event management capabilities give your brand the best opportunity to reach the customer.

Virtual sales calls per year

The cost to reach Healthcare professionals across Australia can be significant. Hahn Healthcare's evolving suite of multichannel services can provide a viable and a cost effective alternative when considering promotional spend.

Our dedicated contact centre in Sydney is comprised of promotional representatives, health and science trained educators. This team provides a range of services, including clinical detailing, direct pharmacy sales, market segmentation, appointment booking, campaign fax streaming and short-term tactical marketing.

Retail pharmacy channel

Hahn Healthcare engages with >5,000 retail pharmacy outlets nationally with the reach and frequency to maximise stock weight, revenue and company/product presence.

Targeting the top 1500 retail pharmacy outlets nationally or extending your brands' reach and frequency across D-grade outlets, Hahn Healthcare is well positioned to support your strategy.