xBERT custom CRM

Hahn AI’s custom CRM, xBERT, was designed in-house to be agile enough to keep up with the multiple team structures, rapid launches and the need to pivot strategies, whilst maintaining the highest degree of data integrity. This CRM can map and measure complex interactions within Australia’s healthcare system and draws from the largest sales footprint in Australia.

Dashboards for data visualisation

The real art in the science of data analytics is the ability to provide Actionable Insights. In the last 12 months Hahn Healthcare have developed and published over 100 dashboards for our clients to have visibility across their entire business. Hahn AI can focus on individual representative activities and understand the dynamics of a territory at individual customer level. These insights can help all levels of your business identify and focus on where effort is needed most.

Healthcare analytics experience

Whether it's working out a launch trajectory, forecasting the impact of LOE, working out the best possible territory structure for your sales team, or understanding your product familiarisation activities, through the lens of your overall strategy, we are here to help. Our data analysts understand the complex nature of the hospital, general practice and pharmacy channels to help you map out your brand performance.

Business intelligence experience

Our team have amassed decades of experience in both the healthcare sector and leading-edge technology platforms. But what makes our team most effective is our ability to make the complex simple - we skip the jargon and use plain language to help our clients sift through to uncover the most effective means of achieving their objectives.

Data Management & reporting

Hahn Al can help you consolidate disparate data sources, clean them and present them in a consistent, efficient, and reliable format. You will no longer spend hours trying to get a pivot table to match a wholesaler sales report again, we will automate everything so all the information is available at the click of a button.

Bespoke solutions

If your internal analytics team needs support, or if you need to fast track a project, we can quickly turn around reports or work through a root and branch restructure of your data assets.

Easy data & mobile access

Data is of no use to anyone unless it is readily available, easily accessible, and intuitive. The AI team use state of the art technology platforms to publish content that meets all these criteria and ultimately results in improving your brands’ performance.


The AI team are part of the broader Hahn Healthcare business, which includes 100’s of reps in the field, on the phone, multiple medical access programmes, and multichannel marketing initiatives. Therefore, they have first-hand access to what is happening at the coal face. They are the driving force behind a feedback loop that can help you access tools and reports that promote efficiency, SFE and unparalleled insights.